Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba Inc. commemorates 15 years of community engagement by promoting and celebrating Mexican traditions and culture in Canada.

Mex Y Can celebrates this year the 15th anniversary of its foundation. With great pride, we share with you the logo designed to celebrate this milestone.

This new logo represents 15 years of a strong presence of the Mexican community in Manitoba’s multi-cultural landscape.

It seems like yesterday when a small group of Mexicans gathered with the vision of sharing their heritage and re-creating for other Mexican and Hispanic families the festive and familiar atmosphere from our native countries, building the foundation of Mex Y Can.

Today, Mex Y Can stands stronger than ever on the shoulders of those pioneers and a new generation of Mexican talent. Together, they uphold the commitment to share Mexican culture and traditions with the world, and preserving them for the future generations of Mexican-Canadians.

As part of our 15th anniversary, we have an exceptional array of activities. 2018 is special! Get ready to enjoy an extraordinary participation from the Mexican community at Folklorama and the many events Mex Y Can will bring to you for this celebration. Stay tunned for details!