Folklorama Mexican Pavilion 2019

Discover the Folklorama 2019 Mexican Pavilion

August 11 to August 17 2019
RBC Convention Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba Inc is  pleased to make a call for volunteers to form the Mexican Pavilion Committee for 2019.

The pavilion theme for this year will be

“The Day of the Dead”

We invite you to participate with us.
Please scroll down to complete your application form.

Pavilion Coordinators Perks

It is thanks to passionate volunteers that year after years, the Mexican Pavilion at Folklorama exceeds visitors’ expectations and helps us in the efforts to promote Mexican culture in Manitoba.

On top of the learning opportunities and the great memories, as a symbol of appreciation, the Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba has established a series of considerations for the Mexican Pavilion volunteers.

We are pleased to welcome people with all cultural backgrounds, professional experiences and availability. Consider getting involved and learn more about the benefits offered to you in the different positions within the coordinating team.

Areas of opportunity:

  • Pavilion Junior Coordinator
  • Pavilion Areas Coordinators, Ambassadors and Emcee

Some of the many incentives for our volunteers are:

  • Mex Y Can recognition certificate
  • Complimentary admission tickets to the Mexican Pavilion and complimentary meal and soft drink
  • Invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party.

And much much more!

Note: benefits and incentives change depending on each area and level of participation.