The Mexican Pavilion is pleased to welcome our Culinary Arts Team from the Gastronomic Businesses Program at “ÚNICO Universidad” of the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara”. Head Chef Fernanda Vergara Bonilla and undergraduate students: Argenis Alfonso Tadeo Gradilla Ortiz, José Avalos Cerecer, Bruno Larios Larios, Raguel Antonio Galván Gutiérrez have created Mexican culinary gems with a landscape of flavours that will delight all palates.


Fernanda Vergara Bonilla

Fernanda Vergara Bonilla is a talented chef from Guadalajara, Jalisco. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of Mexico in 2004. Before graduating, she studied and did an internship at the Lycée Technique Hôtelier of Monte-Carlo and got a certificate in Hospitality Marketing and Management and Art of the Table. She gained her culinary experience from Chef Joel Garault in Hermitage Hotel and with chef Jacky Oberti in her dietetic kitchen in the restaurant L’Hirondelle at the Therms Marins SPA.     


In Jalisco, she took over the kitchen by opening restaurants as Azul 96 in Puerto Vallarta, Bodega in Ajijic, La Moresca Andares in Zapopan, and the Mesón Providencia in Guadalajara.  Moreover, she was Regional Chef for UNILEVER Food Solutions in the Pacific and The Bajío (lowlands) regions. Vergara sought opportunities as a product developer Chef for Don Cordero, a local lamb breeder.  


A significant feature of his career during almost eight years has been in training future generations for undergraduate programs of Tourism Business Management and Gastronomic Businesses for the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and ÚNICO University.  


Her culinary education continued in the master’s degree in Food Safety Management at UCIMEXICO. She is continuously updating her skills by taking workshops and courses for teaching competencies.

Argentis Gradilla

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on May 7, 1998. I am the third child of 4 siblings with a family full of values and warm customs. My parents, Raúl Gradilla and Alejandra Ortiz, have been my inspiration to perseverance. They have supported and encouraged me throughout my professional career and my personal growth. 


My internships have been part of my professional training. The first one was at the Puerta de Hierro Club. There, I learned about volume production, the standardization, and fixed control of input management at Mc Donald’s Galleries. Then, as a result of my great interest in fish and seafood, I joined La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill. I learned the production by volume of dressings and sauces, as well as seafood cooking techniques. After that, I worked at Pf Chiang’s, an oriental cuisine. There I mastered the use of wok, preparation of Asian food, and production of oriental sauces.


The internships have impacted my performance, especially the one I did in Barcelona, Spain. For four months, I worked at the Eurostar’s Grand Marina Hotel, where I fully improved my professional area. I had significant responsibilities such as the production of all recipes for freezing, production of dishes to the public in cold and hot area, final plating, verification of temperatures of refrigeration chambers, and freezing. Also, I worked in banquets for events. 


My most active quality is initiative, and it’s something I value in people as they demonstrate a positive attitude of learning and entrepreneurship. Gastronomy is my passion; the creation and innovation of new techniques, textures, and flavors seem to me something extraordinary. The essential gastronomic culture for me is the Mexican Traditional. I would like always to represent it with the excellent value that it has. It is worth mentioning that I did a diploma in Mexican cuisine which consisted of the preparation and production of Mole of Oaxaca and some pre-Hispanic dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine.


Raguel Antonio Galván Gutiérrez

My name is Raguel Antonio Galván Gutiérrez, I am 20 years old, and I am a student of the Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts. I am from Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. I feel very excited to attend Folklorama; it is an honor to serve my country doing what I like. 

I work at Royal Prestige; I am a chef of a restaurant chain for Royal Prestige clients. I love my job. I dream about opening my signature cuisine and make my diners enjoy when trying my delicious dishes.

I am very enthusiastic about this great experience. I have no doubt that going to Canada will help me by growth in my professional career. Since my goal in culinary arts is Mexican food. 

Thank you very much. 


Bruno Larios Larios

Me llamo Bruno Larios Larios, tengo 21 años y soy originario de Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico; Estudio en Único Universidad de la Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. He realizado prácticas profesionales dentro de la cocina principal de la Universidad, así como dentro del restaurante “La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill” el cual se encuentra en el lugar 40 en la lista de los 50 mejores restaurantes de America Latina.  

he estado apoyado en eventos masivos de gastronomía como lo es el ROXY Festival en su primera edición en 2017, en el cual estuve sirviendo en el restaurante “Alcalde” el cual también se encuentra catalogado entre los 50 mejores restaurantes de América Latina en la posición número 31. Apoyo en el servicio de banquetes dentro de “Cumbre Alianza del Pacífico” la cual fue celebrarla en Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco en Julio del 2018.

Finalmente, mi más reciente lugar en donde realice prácticas profesionales fue en la cadena de hoteles “Eurostar’s Grand Marina” el cual se encuentra ubicado en Barcelona, España, en donde estuve laborando 2 meses dentro del área de banquetes y desayunos, los cuales se servían para alrededor de 400 a 500 personas diarias, fue un reto muy difícil el cual me dejó mucha experiencia sobre cómo comportarme dentro de la cocina al tener un gran volumen den comensales a diario. 

Quiero ir a Canadá porque es un nuevo reto en mi camino, una oportunidad más de poder crecer profesionalmente y que mejor que teniendo la oportunidad de representar a México en un evento de cultural tan grande como lo es Folklorama, acompañado de mis mejores amigos, los cuales todos en conjunto nos desempeñamos de excelente manera dentro y fuera de las cocinas.


José Avalos Cerecer

My name is José Avalos Cerecer, I am 22 years old. I was raised and born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. 

In 2016, I decided to live my dream by studying the Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts in Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.  I have done internships in several places in Guadalajara, including the Hacienda San Javier Club, La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill Restaurant, among others. Besides, I worked at Eurostar Grand Marina 5* Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. 

I desire to collaborate at Folklorama in Canada because something that encourages me is to be able to share Mexican culture throughout the kitchen with all my compatriots who live outside of Mexico and for people from around the world. I am also inspired to get to know another city, learn from it, and live another international experience.


Thank you to Viviana Luna and Smart Translation for providing the English translation.