Fiesta desde Casa 2021

It’s Official!!! 

Fiesta Desde Casa 2021 (Party from home) starts this week!!!

The Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba with the support of the Safe At Home Manitoba program, bring you a series of events you can enjoy from home!

Visit to find out more information and to register!


About our Presenters

Join us for a fun hour of painting with Fabiola Gordillo. Fabiola is the owner of Fab’s Creations, a piñata, decorations and crafting projects business. She has lead handcrafting workshops for different Associations in Manitoba and her work has been exhibited in Culture days and Folklorama at the Mexican pavilion. For her event, she has three rock painting activities for the whole.

Ayari Madrid will bring you a morning of reflection and personal growth. Ayari is a Mexican inspirational Speaker and life coach. She is passionate about life and she is an active volunteer as part of a Reconciliation Working Group in Winnipeg. In her event, she will talk to us about how we can find balance in life using the 7 F’s: fitness, finance, field, family, friends, faith and fun.  Get coffee ready and join us for a great conversation.

Leonardo Lopez is here for a dance party at home. This natural salsero was borne in Mexico City. Leonardo’s professional career took off in Chicago in 1999 with the winning of dance competitions and his participation in televised events. With his move to Winnipeg, Leo founded Salsa Explosion Dance Company, quickly becoming one of Winnipeg’s largest Salsa promoters. Leo has been teaching salsa for the past 15 years and for this program, he opens his studio to you for two special dance lessons. Put on your dancing shoes and dance like nobody’s business.

Aurora Egesz will present a series of three cooking classes to learn the secrets of the authentic Mexican cuisine. Our Instructor is a passionate woman from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Aurora lives in Selkirk, MB where she teaches and volunteers in different roles. Her passion for Mexican culture and food has granted her recognition among the community. Aurora is ready to share some of her favorite recipes with you. Get ready to create and enjoy your own authentic Mexican food within the safety of you home.

Hilde Gonzalez will bring you a reenergizing evening of yoga. Hilde is a certified Yoga instructor based in Manitoba. She is the founder of Hot Yoga studio in Winnipeg and a proud Mexican that is always ready to share her good vibes. Her energy and passion for well-being and balance in life, perfectly match her joyful personality and knowledge.  For her “Fiesta desde casa” event, she has prepared a three session series for kids and another series of three sessions for the serious people in the house. Keep you yoga pants on…and get ready for a relaxing workout with our fantastic Mexican instructor!