Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is an annual celebration to commemorate the victory of the
Mexican Army over a battle against the French Empire in 1862.
In recent, non-CoVID-19 times, Mexico celebrates this triumph with military parades or
re-enactments of this battle across the country. The iconic place of these celebrations is
the city of Puebla. Under normal and safe circumstances they host arts festivals, a
parade and a festival of local cuisine.
Also over time, this celebration has gained more popularity in the United States than
even in Mexico, but remember that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day.
Our Independence Day is on September 16.



Three Facts about Cinco de Mayo
A Spanish lesson. Cinco de Mayo actually means fifth of May.
A David vs Goliath battle. The French Army had not been defeated 50 years previous to that
Setting a Precedent. No Latin American country has been invaded by an European nation
since then.



Save the Date
Saturday May 22, 2021

We will have some virtual programming for you in remembrance of this date.
This virtual event is partially funded with a grant from the Manitoba government,

Ethnocultural Community Support Program.