Complete your membership

Thank you for your registration with Mex Y Can, in order to complete the membership process we kindly require payment of $10CAD

Payment can be done via E-Transfer to the email [email protected]

If you prefer payment through cheque, e-transfer, bank deposit. or other method, please contact us at [email protected]

Once your payment is confirmed, we will contact you to confirm your information and provide your membership card.

The benefits of your Mex Y Can Membership include:

  • Voting rights at meetings.
  • Preferential discount to attend our events.
  • Provide support to the sustainability of Mex Y Can to promote Mexican Culture in Manitoba.
  • Receive monthly communications about activities organized by Mex Y Can.
  • Membership Card to access to member-only programs or discounts.
  • Qualify to redeem volunteer hours for admission to Mex Y Can sponsored events, food and drink discounts.
  • When volunteering at the Mexican Pavilion as Coordinator of any area, which implies a year of volunteer service, Mex Y Can covers membership dues.

The nominal fee that you pay provides contribution to the operational activities of Mex Y Can, including but not limited to website domain, distribution service of e-bulletin, printing and mailing expenses, events promotion, annual incorporation registration payment with the Companies Office, accounting expenses to submit annual reporting with the Revenue Canada Agency, Folklorama annual membership, some promotional cost of the Mobile Mexican Consulate, etc.